About Core Collection

Core Collection

As Hackwith Design House grows, so does our inventory. Our core collection are the designs that we believe should be available all season long. Unlike our limited edition, there will not be limited numbers available, but unlike our Basics, designs and fabrics will change seasonally. Available for HDH Plus as well, our Core Collection is for all our customers who are as diverse as their skills, talents, and accomplishments.

Seasonal styles for every woman.

As always, each piece is made by hand in our Minnesota studio with great attention to detail and precision, making them quality garments that will work seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe. To reduce waste, we wait to sew each garment until it is ordered by you. Please be patient as one of our talented seamstresses makes your order. Style our Core Collection with any of our lines, including Limited Edition, to create a wardrobe unique to you.