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New Original HDH Prints!

Core Collection


If you’re familiar with Hackwith Design House, you’ll know that typically we stick with neutral and solid fabrics, keeping our pieces versatile and easy to pair with your existing wardrobe. Recently, we’ve started playing around with offering more prints and patterns. It’s not always easy finding a print we totally love that complements our current seasonal collection AND is ethically sourced or produced.

With that said, we decided to take it into our own hands and design our own custom prints that are exclusive to HDH and fit seamlessly into our Fall 2020 Collection. We’ve been drafting our prints for almost a year now, and are thrilled to see them finally come to fruition, printed on 100% Cotton in LA. We weren’t sure if it was going to happen when Covid hit, but alas, they are here! Introducing the HDH Almond Floral Print and the HDH Mahogany Floral Print.


New HDH Basics Pieces!


Most of us are familiar with that one shirt or dress that brings out our individuality, making us feel most like ourselves, most at ease. With these pieces, we’re able to navigate our days with confidence and comfort while we focus on the more important things in life. HDH Basics is a collection of those pieces.

Compared to our other Collections, HDH Basics are the building blocks of any wardrobe. It features simple silhouettes, layering pieces, and customer-favorites that are worn through every season. Each season, we swap out old looks for new and add seasonal fabric options. In today’s launch, you will see Basics styles that we’ve had since day 1, in addition to brand new styles that compliment our new Fall Core Collection pieces. All styles are available in sizes ranging from XS through +4.

Palazzo Pants & Palazzo Dress

Core Collection

Our new Palazzo Pants and Palazzo Skirt offer a variety of looks and the opportunity to adjust to your own comfort and preference! Both styles feature a comfortable elastic sheered waistband and detachable straps that can transform the Palazzo Pants into a set of overalls, and the Palazzo Skirt into a similar overall-like dress. Hike the Palazzo Skirt up even more (without the straps) for a strapless dress look. With fall temperatures around the corner, we layered the strapless Palazzo Skirt (as a dress) over a long sleeve fitted top and some knee-high boots.