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10 x 10 Challenge | Lisa’s Outfits for the Week


We’ve partnered with Lee Vosburgh of the Style Bee in the past, and I’ve always been inspired by her 10 x 10 Challenge that encourages individuals to take a break from purchasing new clothing and find alternative and thoughtful ways to wear the pieces you already own. I decided to follow suit and plan 10 days of outfits with just 10 articles of clothing from my own closet.

10 pieces of clothing didn’t originally seem like enough, especially when hanging up, but in the end, really encouraged me to find creative ways to wear those pieces that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise! I was surprised at how different each look was with the help of small accessories and simply buttoning up a top versus leaving it open. This is something that I keep in mind when designing for HDH–pieces that can by transformed simply by adding a sash to the waist, reversing the neckline, or tying a split hem into a knot for example.

I had planned each outfit for the 10 days ahead of time, so it was extremely easy to wake up in the morning knowing exactly what I was going to wear that day which meant less scrambling and more time in the morning to make coffee, mentally prepare for the day, and get to the studio, which was a treat! See below for all 10 days!

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:


Day 8:


Day 9:


Day 10:



10 x 10 Challenge

Basics, Core Collection, Miscellaneous


10 x 10 Challenge


We were inspired by Lee Vosburgh of the Style Bee’s 10 x 10 Challenge, that encourages individuals to take a break from shopping and find creative ways to style clothing they already have in their closet–essentially creating a mini capsule closet of just 10 items! See what 10 essential pieces Lisa picked for her capsule.

Follow along this week on our Instagram stories to see how Lisa creates a week’s worth of outfits with just these 10 pieces!

For even more 10 x 10 Challenge inspiration, visit Yellow & Co.’s “Neutral Essentials For Your Spring Wardrobe.”

1. Thrifted Sweater
2. HDH Overlap Jumper in Black & Tan Floral
3. HDH Lapel Jacket Dress in Copper
4. HDH Basics: Fitted Tee in Ivory
5. INNE Maria Mule
6. Thrifted oversized button-up from a local vintage shop, Tandem Vintage
7. Lisa’s mom’s jeans from back in the day!
8. HDH Basics: Smock Jacket in Cream
9. HDH French Seam Easy Wide-Leg Pant in Copper
10. Paisley Button-Down that Lisa made. Like the fabric? Check out our Limited Edition Hal Tunic!

Our Lead Seamstress, Elsie, Styles New Spring Pieces!

Core Collection, Miscellaneous

This week, our lead seamstress and production design coordinator, Elsie, styled a handful of our new Spring releases! Elsie is an avid thrifter in her free time, so we knew she’d come up with some fun ways to accessorize. We love her thrifted straw hat and button-downs that she amazingly alters to make them fit just the way she wants. I guess you can say we’re lucky to have Elsie on our team?

Elsie’s favorite piece from the Spring Collection is the French Seam Tapered Pant in Tapenade that she styled with thrifted white button down for an easy all-linen outfit. Shop all of Elsie’s favorites from the Spring Collection here.


Marlo Styles SS19!

Core Collection, Miscellaneous

Our friend Marlo chose her favorite pieces from our Spring Collection and styled them as she would normally! Marlo chose a lot of one-piece dresses and jumpers that don’t require a lot, but we love her use of jewelry and fun shoes that make each ensemble a little more personal. (You can shop Marlo’s earrings by Annika Kaplan here.) Her favorite piece from the shoot was the Short-Sleeve Reversible Wrap Jumper in black that can be worn with a crewneck in front and v-neck in back, or vice versa. “I also felt like it could easily be worn casually or dressed up. I felt so elegant in it!”

Marlo works alongside business partner, Angie, at PAIKKA, a modern and industrial event venue located right next to our studio! It’s a beautiful space, and is where we hosted our HDH Bridal launch a few years ago. Learn more about PAIKKA here.

Shop Marlo’s Favorites Here!