Boutique Collaborations

We are proud to announce our support and appreciation for Sseko Designs and their greatly humbling mission. Sseko is a fashion brand based in Ethiopia that hires high potential women to make sandals. These jobs allow women to earn money in a dignified way that will go directly toward their college educations. Through providing employment and scholarship opportunities, Sseko enables women to pursue their dreams and overcome poverty. In addition to sustainably supporting the local economy, 10% of proceeds from the Sseko Footwear Collection go towards the Sseko Scholarship Fund to empower and educate women. So far, Sseko has helped 47 women to go on to university!

Not only do we love their mission and impact, but we also agree with their emphasis on the importance of where things are made and who they are made by. Like HDH, there is care and a story behind Sseko’s every step. Sseko shoes are made by a team of 50 women from all walks of life in one of the oldest Ethiopian-owned shoe factories in the country, dating back the the early 1920’s. Little did we know, Ethiopia has an impressive legacy in shoe making first brought about by the Italians some time ago. 

The shoes seen above are part of the Sseko Footwear Collection. The sheepskin Caramel Nomad Booties are seen on Lisa with HDH’s Merrill Coat and archived skirt and blouse created for the MN4MN fashion show. The Black Lalibella Flats are equally as comfortable and stylish; paired here with HDH’s Dale Coat and Fisk Pant. Both shoes are made to last, comprised of a cushioned foam inside and durable rubber sole. The exquisite craft of each shoe is evident, they really are something special!

Sseko has a ever-growing story and we are very excited to be apart of it! To read more about Sseko and get involved, visit their website. Purchase the shoes shown above and explore the rest of their wonderful items here.