10 x 10 Challenge

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10 x 10 Challenge


We were inspired by Lee Vosburgh of the Style Bee’s 10 x 10 Challenge, that encourages individuals to take a break from shopping and find creative ways to style clothing they already have in their closet–essentially creating a mini capsule closet of just 10 items! See what 10 essential pieces Lisa picked for her capsule.

Follow along this week on our Instagram stories to see how Lisa creates a week’s worth of outfits with just these 10 pieces!

For even more 10 x 10 Challenge inspiration, visit Yellow & Co.’s “Neutral Essentials For Your Spring Wardrobe.”

1. Thrifted Sweater
2. HDH Overlap Jumper in Black & Tan Floral
3. HDH Lapel Jacket Dress in Copper
4. HDH Basics: Fitted Tee in Ivory
5. INNE Maria Mule
6. Thrifted oversized button-up from a local vintage shop, Tandem Vintage
7. Lisa’s mom’s jeans from back in the day!
8. HDH Basics: Smock Jacket in Cream
9. HDH French Seam Easy Wide-Leg Pant in Copper
10. Paisley Button-Down that Lisa made. Like the fabric? Check out our Limited Edition Hal Tunic!