An Introduction to HDH Bridal:
Bertie Kaftan


An Introduction to HDH Bridal: <br><i>Bertie Kaftan</i></br>

We know that each woman’s body is different, and HDH Bridal, like all of our lines, reflects that. Many of the gowns can be worn in multiple unique ways, and we encourage you to style them in a way that feels like you. In keeping with this idea, each piece for the bride is available in three fabrications: a white cotton slub, and a cream or black hemp/silk/organic cotton blend. To read more information about the fabrics used for HDH Bridal, click here.

The following video and photos demonstrate some ways you may choose to style the Bertie Kaftan with its optional waist tie.

Option 1: No tie.  Allows the kaftan to drape naturally off of the body.

Option 2: Fold the tie in half creating a loop at one end.  Put the other ends through the loop and tighten around the back and both front panels.  Then slip the ends around and pull through the circle you created.  Adjust the fabric as needed.

Option 3: Take the tie around just the slip portion of the kaftan leaving the front panels free.  Tie in back with bow or knot to create a waistline at the back.  Adjust the dress to create desired effect.


The unique design of our Bertie Kaftan combines ethereal layers with architectural lines created by its built-in slip and high center-front slit.

HDH Bridal Black Bertie Kaftan 19

The waist tie can be worn to secure the layers in front for holding a bouquet as you walk down the aisle.

An Introduction to HDH Bridal: <br><i>Bertie Kaftan</i></br>

Tying around just the slip with the front layers free will allow for easier movement and create a beautiful contrast between front and back.

An Introduction to HDH Bridal: <br><i>Bertie Kaftan</i></br>

When worn sans waist tie, the kaftan drapes beautifully off the body.

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Photography credit to Paul Vincent.

Video credit to Calvin Brue.