Get to Know Lisa Hackwith & the Spring Collection.

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A note from our designer, Lisa Hackwith:

As always, I strive to design clothing that will become favorites–pieces that are as unique and versatile as the women who wear them. I’ve always been drawn to pieces that can be worn multiple ways whether they are reversible, easy to layer, or can be tied in variable styles. It is this versatility in clothing that allows these garments to be worn again and again, hopefully becoming staples in any closet.

It has also always been super important for me to cater to all body shapes and sizes. In this most recent collection, you will notice a handful of pieces available in sizes XS through Plus 4. You’ll also see several pieces that include adjustable features (straps, waistbands, etc.) that accommodate a range of body types and can be adjusted to the wearer’s comfort.

Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be a chore, and I truly believe that feeling confident when getting dressed is one of the best ways to start your day! Despite being in the fashion industry, I never take it too seriously. I look at my own wardrobe at home as a playground for mixing and matching, whether with our own HDH pieces, or with garments that I found elsewhere (especially vintage or thrifted clothes!).

While most all of the new releases this season can easily be worn together, I get most excited to see how customers introduce the pieces to their own wardrobes, which is what sparked this season’s lookbook series.

Typically, we release one lookbook per season with one model, one photographer, etc. Since I’m putting an extra emphasis this season on size variety and adjustability in this collection, we asked a handful of women to choose their favorite garments from the collection and style them with pieces from their own wardrobes. We’re talking everything from graphic band tees to vintage leather pants. We’ve never seen so many sides to HDH, and it was so fun!  

With that said, over the next few months, we’ll be showcasing each of these women on the blog and our weekly newsletter.

After asking nine women to participate, I begrudgingly thought it was only fair for me to do the same (being much more comfortable behind the camera than in front). Colleen Eversman of 2nd Truth Photography and I traveled over to my parents’ farm in rural Wisconsin to shoot some of my favorite pieces.  I hope you love the collection as much as I do and thank you for all your support!

xx Lisa

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