HDH designs with the idea that women’s bodies are as diverse as their skills, talents, and accomplishments.  Our swimline is no different, with designs intended to complement all unique body types.  We hope you use HDH Swim as your canvas.  Take our beautiful, basic black and white tops and bottoms and mix-and-match them to find the one that is right for you.  Use our one piece styles as the foundation for your favorite summertime looks.  Each suit is handmade in our studio with fabrics meant to last.

Our goal is to keep HDH Swim available online year round.  Unlike our Basics line, styles and colors may change over time.  Unlike our limited edition pieces, there may be more than 25 made of each swimsuit.  However, like all of our products, we believe the wearer is what make the piece unique, special.  

HDH Swim launches Monday, January 26th.