Limited Edition

Here are some shots of today’s releases, the Elisa Wrap Top (available in white and navy) and the Aeryn Wrap Top (available in navy). Both are great staple pieces for your wardrobe, for their simplistic nature allows you to wear them with anything ranging from your most comfortable high-waisted shorts, to your favorite summer maxi skirt. 

We kept it light and crisp with the White Elisa Wrap Top by pairing it with white sandals from Need Supply Co., our The Things We Keep x HDH Linus Cuff, and a rose gold and peach watch from The Fifth, that you can find here. Since the top is slightly cropped, we also paired it with a pair of neutral high-waisted, and slightly flared pants.

We wore the slightly cropped Navy Elisa Wrap Top with a pair of black wide leg trousers, but it would also work well with a pair of high-waisted and more fitted pants. With the Aeryn Wrap Top being a touch longer than the Elisa Wrap Top, we paired it with a pair of casual denim shorts! 

 Adjust the wrap and tie to your liking and comfort, and you’ll go the whole day whether you’re at work, or on the run at the grocery store feeing confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing! 

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