Introducing HDH Basics



Coming August 25th, a new line from Hackwith Design House: HDH Basics

Most of us are familiar with that shirt or dress that brings out our individuality, making us feel most like ourselves, most at ease. With such a piece, we are able to go confidently through the day while focusing on the more important things in life: performing well at work, connecting with friends, or enjoying a night out.

My goal when designing HDH Basics is to fill your closet with such pieces: simple, elegant, and versatile. HDH Basics will always be in stock on our website, offered in black and off-white with other colors available seasonally. Each piece is made by hand in our Minneapolis studio with great attention to detail and precision, making them quality garments that will work seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe.

HDH Basics is also designed with the idea that women’s bodies are as diverse as their skills, talents, and accomplishments. Thus, Basics will be offered in a range of sizes, all of which will drape beautifully. HDH Basic’s simple aesthetic is meant to encourage you to incorporate your personal style and creativity when wearing them effortlessly day or night. They are also perfect to pair with any of our Limited Edition pieces or are just as beautiful on their own.

We’ll be highlighting each of the five Basics over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back for more info!