Makers Alongside: Caroline Whittington Young // giantLION

Makers Alongside

Caroline Whittington Young, the Richmond-based maker behind giantLION jewelry, got her start as a ceramics artist but in college discovered her love for jewelry making. She founded her business shortly after graduating, making the pieces out of her home studio. Since then, giantLION has relocated to their own studio space, and has gone from selling on Etsy to having their own site, which you can find here

“My biggest inspiration continues to be people, memories, and various things I have collected over the years- objects that hold special meaning to me,” Caroline says, which is certainly evident in her timeless, elegant designs. We also love the fact that she uses the highest quality materials like raw stone, sterling silver, and 10k and 14k gold in her pieces.


We are so excited about our charming mismatched earring set Caroline made for our Makers Alongside series, available through our website. Make sure to also follow giantLION on Instagram