Makers Alongside: Joanna Buyert / / Fringe & Fettle

Makers Alongside

imageWe’re thrilled to introduce you to Joanna Buyert, the maker and dear friend behind our new ceramic nesting spoons! Joanna is the sole creator and owner of Fringe & Fettle Ceramics, a business devoted to handmade pottery that she created in 2011 after quitting her full-time job. Following six months of living at her family’s cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin and doing nothing but making pots, she moved to St. Paul, where she is currently living (with her black lap pup, Liza) and working out of her apartment, a converted old brewery with a community of fellow artists.

The risks Joanna has taken to devote her life to pottery have been well worth it. She admits, “Everyday I get to do what I love more than anything else, create. I make things that I love. That’s the secret. It sounds kind of dumb and simple, but it’s true. I think for a while I was really caught up in trying to make what other people wanted, what would sell well. But it wasn’t until I threw that out the window and started making things that I wanted, that I loved, that I really found my style.” Joanna describes her style as “soft and playful, telling you where to touch, where to look” and finds most of her inspiration from “the romanticized atmosphere the kitchen creates; of family meals and childhood memories, of beauty in the everyday encounters.”

imageimageWe think that all of Joanna’s pieces are beautiful and can find a spot in anyone’s kitchen and will surely be used all year long. When asked what her favorite HDH piece is, she says, “I’d have to say all the hand-bleached fabrics are amazing and I want all of them. I regret not snatching up the Oshna tank before it sold out!” (Sorry Joanna…we do still have some shibori-dyed pieces left!)

You can find Joanna’s products around the Twin Cities area at Gallery 360, i like you, and the Grand Hand Gallery. You can also find her online at her website and Etsy shop.

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Photo Credits: Paul Vincent Photography