Makers Alongside: jujumade // Juliana Hung

Makers Alongside

Meet Juliana Hung, our first 2015 Makers Alongside collaborator and the creative force behind jujumade.

Creative at a young age, years of reassembling and reimagining jewelry and fashion led Julie to begin creating her own wearable pieces. Following a career in industrial design, Julie founded jujumade as a platform from which she could illustrate her work and inspirations. The jujumade line and her creative process granted Julie the freedom she lacked as an industrial designer, and in 2012 Julie introduced a 2013 Autumn/Winter collection featuring handcrafted leatherwork and ceramic and stoneware jewelry.

Julie finds inspiration in the details around her: from intricate knots and trim to collaborative projects to her mother’s own style, Julie mixes materials together to create something unexpected.

The jujumade line embodies Julie’s passion for well-crafted design and attention to detail. Each piece is beautifully handmade from carefully selected materials which inspire Julie as much as the world around her. Julie’s deeply personal process result in pieces that are as unique as the wearers themselves.

Jujumade pieces can be purchased directly through jujumade’s website and in select stores around the United States. To purchase our jujumade x HDH porcelain and gold eclair earrings, visit our online store, and be sure to visit Julie on the jujumade website and Instagram!


Photos courtesy of Juliana Hung and