Makers Alongside: Kate Jennings // NA NIN

Makers Alongside

Kate Jennings is one of those people you immediately want to spend more time with when you meet her. She is a kindred spirit, and we could not be more thrilled that she joined us for Makers Alongside. Her custom fragrances are incredible, and we are honored to be the exclusive sellers of Prairie Fire.

Kate started a vintage clothing line in 2009, Na Nin Vintage. Na Nin means “I am” in Korean, and Kate came up with her brand name after her trip to South Korea. Kate began blending essential oils in 2013 and has been selling fragrances since January of this year. “My fragrances are inspired by a feeling or vision you have when listening to a certain song,” Kate says, and she means it. When Kate sent the first samples for Prairie Fire to us, she included a playlist for us to listen to while we smelled all our options. Her process is informed by music, travel, her friends and family, and random acts of kindness – like the sweet emails of encouragement she is always sending our way.

She is also inspired by her day job as a kindergarten teacher in an inner city school. She donates a portion of her profits from her online shop,, to her school and her students. You can find her on Instagram @shopnanin and on Pinterest @katejennings, and if you happen to find yourself in Richmond, VA you can visit her on the weekends at Addison Handmade & Vintage.