Makers Alongside: Kay Wang / / The Things We Keep

Makers Alongside

imageWe couldn’t be happier to introduce you to Kay Wang, the creator of the jewelry line, The Things We Keep, and also the artist behind our new Linus Cuff.

You would’ve never guessed by looking at her impressive work, but Kay only started making jewelry as a career four years ago after attending an extension course on silversmithing at a nearby community college. It was that class that encouraged her to follow a career path in that field. “I was starting to become incredibly disillusioned with the career path I’d been on up until that point, and whether I knew it at the time or not, I’d already started looking for something different that would mean more to me intrinsically as a profession than what I’d been doing. On the very first day of the course, things just clicked for me, and I haven’t since looked back." 

Although Kay began planning The Things We Keep in 2011, it didn’t become a legal entity until 2012. However, within the past two years, it has evolved, and continues to evolve, at a steady rate. 

imageAll of Kay’s jewelry has a consistent and distinct feel, all of which may come from her greatest inspirations. "As of lately, I’ve fallen down a Bauhaus rabbit hole! Textile patterns from Dagobert Peche and Gertrud Preiswerk, Max Bill’s sculptures, and Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures…and because a balanced meal is a healthy meal, a good dose of folk art is in the mix too.”

imageSimilarly, we are drawn to clean lines and silhouettes. When asked what her favorite HDH pieces are, Kay responded, “All of it! But if I had to pick favorites, I really love the Alabaster jumpsuit and the Hollyhock kimono. So bummed I didn’t snag either of those before they all went to their new homes!”

We absolutely love the result of our collaboration with The Thinks We Keep, and hope you do too! You can find their pieces online and at select stores across the United States and Canada. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Want even more updates? Check out their blog here


Photos by Paul Vincent.