Makers Alongside: Teresa Robinson / / Tiro Tiro

Makers Alongside

We are excited to introduce you to Teresa Robinson from Tiro Tiro, the talented artist behind our most recent Makers Alongside project, the Aleta Necklace.  It wasn’t until Teresa was 21 that she found her passion for jewelry making when she studied abroad in Mexico and took a month long jewelry class.  Once Teresa finished college, she bought herself a torch and some tools.  Teresa’s experimentation with jewelry making soon became selling her pieces on consignment at local boutiques and eventually becoming a full time business in 2002.   

Although Teresa’s jewelry does have a distinct vibe, she admits, “I don’t find that I really make a practice of seeking one particular inspiration for a collection.  As an aesthete and super visually sensitive person, I think of my work as just a distillation and physical manifestation of everything that I take in on a day-to-day basis.  I do feel particularly drawn to the early modernist craft movement and love seeing the revival of more traditional craft practice that’s happening these days, but inspiration can come from anywhere: architecture, a certain shape that I’m drawn to, the curve of a line in a beautiful font…I just like to take it all in and then play around with shapes and textures that I find compelling.”  


The time, effort, and inspiration put into Teresa’s work is evident, from the bronze pendants to the custom linen rope she incorporates in many of her pieces, including our collaborative Aleta Necklace, which has got to be one of our favorites!  The fandom is mutual however. When we asked Teresa what her favorite HDH pieces are, she said, “Everything! When I first discovered Lisa’s work, I was like, ‘Oh my god, this woman is making my perfect dream wardrobe!’ Right now I love the Hannah Top, the Wysteria Dress, and the Primrose Jumper. Really, I just want it all…”

We love Teresa’s attitude and work aesthetic and couldn’t be happier that she agreed to be featured in our Makers Alongside series.  

Teresa’s full jewelry line is available on her website:  She is also active on social media! You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter @tirotirostudio.