Maker’s Alongside: Young Frankk / / Christine Young

Makers Alongside


Meet the creator and designer behind the noteworthy jewelry line, Young Frankk. After graduating Parsons School of Design for Illustration, Christine Young wanted to break away from drawing and painting and immerse herself in a fresh, unexplored creative outlet. 

Christine started small and experimented in different jewelry making processes but soon found herself taken by the craft in teaching herself new techniques. Then in 2012, she made the move from New York City to Richmond, Virginia, and established her full-time business, Young Frankk. Today, Christine happily remains in Richmond creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, including the Truss Cuff that we were lucky enough to collaborate on!

Young Frankk jewelry incorporates Christine’s background in drawing and painting, translating these elements to metalwork. She finds inspiration in anything that catches her eye or sparks her interest, whether that be photography, nature, or fashion. A large driving force behind her work is the process of her craft itself, “from the first initial sketches of a design to the final look book concepts… I love every part of it.” This love of her trade definitely shows in her minimal but incredibly visual and bold designs. On top of that, everything is fabricated by Christine herself, resulting in unique pieces that really are one-of-a-kind.

To purchase the Young Frankk X HDH Truss Cuff, visit our online store! Check out Young Frankk’s past and present collections on her website. You can also follow Christina on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest!