Summer Collection Launch

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Summer Collection Launch


As we briefly touched on in our last email, sticking to a routine and our regular schedule has been key to maintaining normalcy for the HDH team. With this said, we decided to go ahead with the release of our Summer Collection! We worked super hard to design each piece, making decisions along the way including fabric changes, color swaps, and alterations to make it the most comfortable, flattering, and size-inclusive collection possible. 

As a thank you to all of you for your patience and support through this wild journey, we are offering 10% off today’s new Collection along with our recent Spring Collection. Simply enter code ‘Summer10’ at checkout.

New Pieces:
1. Short Shorts (XS – Plus 4)
2. Square Neck Button-Up Top (XS/S – Plus 3/4)
3. Long Sleeve Romper (XS – Plus 4)
4. Short Tiered Dress (XS/S – Plus 3/4)
5. Gathered Midi Dress (XS/S – Plus 3/4)
6. Square Neck Midi Dress (XS/S – Plus 3/4)
7. Collared Button-Up Midi Dress (XS/S – Plus 3/4)
8. Collared Button-Up Top (XS/S – Plus 3/4)

Summer Collection Launch

In all honesty, it’s been so moving to see all of the orders being placed, whether it be full-priced items, our face masks, or even gift certificates (which are always still available here!) We understand that purchasing full-priced items is not possible for everyone right now, so to see our customers support us however they can means a lot, even it it’s a quick shout-out or message on Instagram.

If you would like to participate in our #OOTDistancing challenge to win a $500 HDH gift card, share a photo of yourself in your HDH while social distancing, tag @hackwithdesign, and use the hashtag #OOTDistancing! We will choose one lucky winner! No set end date yet, but follow along on Instagram for any additional updates!