Limited Edition

This week we welcome two tops and a surprise release into our collection, meet the Aldine and Reaney Tops and the Blair Dress!  

Available in black, brown, or cream, both Aldine and Reaney feature a slender front keyhole that hooks at the collar. The keyhole dips low and open enough for layers underneath to peak through, whether that be a silky tank or simply a cotton bralette. We dressed up the cream Aldine Top with HDH’s blazer-like Taylor Jacket and our new high-waisted Fisk Pant. Oppositely, we dressed the black Reaney Top down with boots and a little woven sun hat. 

The Blair is a wonderfully airy dress with clean, minimalistic lines. The grainy-textured material is a rich charcoal grey and drapes to flatter any body type. We love it worn here with the warmer tones of a great Tiro Tiro necklace and rosy suede Tesori boots.

Only six of each piece is available so act quickly! Purchase on our website.