Makers Alongside: Janelle Wylie // tono + co.

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Makers Alongside: Janelle Wylie // tono + co.

Janelle Wylie is the creator of and color mastermind behind our most recent Makers Alongside piece, the Scout Scarf. Influenced by her mother who is also an artist, Janelle was exposed to art and color at a young age. After years of studying color and design, her passion towards fiber arts became a reality in 2016 with her online company, tono + co., that sells a myriad of hand-dyed fabrics, ranging from ribbon to table runners.

Janelle pulls most of her inspiration from her own surroundings, with details in architecture and nature often catching her eye. “I like to feel my inspiration from my surroundings, which makes it important to travel outside my comfort zone to keep it fresh”.

Makers Alongside: Janelle Wylie // tono + co.

One of Janelle’s all-time favorite HDH pieces is our Limited Edition Winslow Dress, as she wears it as both an apron and a dress! If she’s going out, she likes to wear our Lia Dress, which she feels gives her a more elevated look. Although the Lia Dress is out of stock, our Wrap Dress offers similar movement and also features an overlapping front.

Visit tono + co.’s website and Instagram for more color eye-candy and beautiful products. Visit our blog for more ideas on how to wear the scarf, and order your own Scout Scarf here!

// Photos taken by Shauntelle Sposto of Sposto Photography.