About Makers Alongside

Makers Alongside

Hackwith Design House invites you to join us in our venture, Makers Alongside Hackwith Design House. With the same cooperative spirit as our boutique collaborations, we expanded our online shop with products designed and made by great artists and makers from around the country. Lisa collaborates with each maker in designing a product that fits with both the HDH aesthetic as well as the maker's.

Makers Alongside features products by artists and makers from around the country.

Each product has been made for HDH alone, and there will be no more than 25 of each piece, keeping with our mission to create unique items that will be a highlight of your home. A new item will be released on the third Wednesday of every month, so check back to see our new products as well as information about the makers!

Here are some great makers we've collaborated with:

Annika Kaplan Jewelry
Annika Kaplan
Minneapolis, MN
Brookes Boswell Millinery
Brookes Boswell
Brooklyn, NY
Camellia Fiber Co.
Rebekka Seale
Canary Gray
Wing Ta
Minneapolis, MN
Fringe & Fettle
Joanna Buyert
St. Paul, MN
Gamma Folk
Lily Piyathaisere
Beacon, NY
Ginny Sims Ceramics
Ginny Sims
Minneapolis, MN
Inks + Thread
Maggie Pate
Chattanooga, TN
Juliana Hung
Los Angeles, CA
Kiki Koyote
Kris Singleton
Burnsville, MN
Leatherworks MN
Kent, Lee, & Nathan
St. Paul, MN
Martha W. McQuade
Minneapolis, MN
Made by Sohn
Joy Sunyoung Fitzgerald
Portland, OR
Maryanne Moodie
Maryanne Moodie
Brooklyn, NY
Na Nin
Kate Jennings
Richmond, VA
Primecut Bags
Lizzie Falkenstein
Portland, OR
Shelter Protects You
Karie Reinertson
Asheville, NC
Spring, Finn & Co
Talin Spring
Minneapolis, MN
The Things We Keep
Kay Wang
Brooklyn, NY
Tiro Tiro
Teresa Robinson
Portland, OR
Young Frankk
Christine Young
Richmond, VA