Makers Alongside: Wing Ta // Canary Grey Photography

Makers Alongside

We at Hackwith Design House could not wait to partner with Wing Ta of Canary Grey Photography on a product for Makers Alongside.  Wing does a lot of photos for HDH (just check out the banner photo on our homepage or the images over at Madesmith), but the project Wing and LIsa were most excited about was a photo shoot that led to the amazing print we released today.  


Wing started Canary Grey Photography in 2010 and shortly after was able to commit to her new company full time.  Enjoying an artistic childhood, she eventually discovered photography was her medium of choice.  "Growing up, I either had a sketch pad in my hand or was on stage performing,“ says Wing, but as exemplified in her fantastic photos, Wing found the perfect way to express her artistic nature.  "I’m inspired by the simple things: clean design, creative collaboration, a good story.”  The desire to collaborate brought her and Lisa together, as well as a similar fashion sense.  "I love all the HDH pieces. The Shae Tank has been my newest go to piece and pairs perfectly with everything. Another favorite is the beautiful Millie Kimono. Everyone needs that in their closet.“  That’s exactly how we feel about Wing’s print–everyone needs one in their home.  Be sure to pick up yours today.

You can find out more about Wing on her website or by following her on Instagram and Twitter @canarygrey.  Be sure to look there for future prints by her as well as if you have any photography needs.