Join me, Rita Mehta of The American Edit, and Kate Arends of Wit & Delight at Shinola Minneapolis on Wednesday, August 27 from 5:30-8:30 for cocktails and to see some of our favorite Shinola picks.  I’ve outlined some of mine above!  xxLisa

Top Photos:  Dustin and I picked these out together.  Perfect for taking our dog Samson on a hike, the Flip Backpack by Kletterwerks, a great Bandana, a Pocket Knife by Bear & Sons, a Hudson Dog Leash by Rugged Wrist.  Also don’t forget the incredible Runwell Watch.  And an HDH Basic for good measure.

Bottom Photos:  These are my picks for my every day wardrobe, which include my own Ryan Pant and upcoming Drew Sweater:  the Large Wallet, the Mini Backpack, and the Runwell Watch.

Makers Alongside: Karie Reinertson / / Shelter Protects You

Makers Alongside

imageMeet Karie, the maker behind our most recent Makers Alongside collection–fun and casual waxed canvas and leather backpacks. Karie has been designing and making ever since she could grasp a pencil and scissors when she was young. Because both of Karie’s parents were artists and craftspeople, she was always exposed to the creative lifestyle. “My father was a painter and worked on a wooden canoe at night for years, and my mom would make quilted purses and travel around selling them at fairs. There was always something creative to do in my household.” Her creative household only encouraged her more to pursue something in the arts. In high school, Karie and her closest friend started a small clothing company and sold to boutiques in and around Washington DC. 

image    It wasn’t until 2009 when Karie started her current business, Shelter Protects You, in Vermont. “My partner Rob and I wanted a way to house our generalist tendencies under one roof, so Shelter was born. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Asheville and once the handbag side of things started to take off, Rob started his own design/build architecture firm.” This past April Karie and Rob collaboratively opened up their studio as a retail space as well, called Shelter Collective. 

imageMost of Karie’s inspiration comes from people and travel. “There are these incredible fleeting moments that we all get to experience from time to time where everything feels lined up and just right. The sun shines a certain way through the trees and you feel your feet in the grass. They are simple, but they are what count. I’m always hoping to capture the feeling of that in any work that I do." 

We as designers know what Karie is talking about, and that is something we value in our own work. When asked what her favorite HDH pieces are, Karie responded, "All of them! Though I really love the Shomu dress and Anko Top.” We love them too 🙂

You can find their bags on their website, and a few boutiques around the world. Any design work they do outside of handbags can be found here

Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram. Make sure to like their Facebook page as well!

Photos by Nicole McConville.

Limited Edition

Today’s releases are the Liz Kimono, the Emily Top, and the Julia Dress.  Each piece is incredibly versatile and ideal for the upcoming season of layering!

We paired the Liz Kimono with the HDH Basics Tank, the Ryan Pant, shoes from Gap, and  the Aleta Necklace from our Makers Alongside collaboration with Tiro Tiro.

We styled the Emily Top with an HDH jumper and black Rag & Bone boots.

We like the Julia Dress with the Aleta Necklace, Steve Madden boots, an Another Feather bracelet as well as our Linus Cuff by The Things We Keep.

HDH Basics / / Dress

Basics, Miscellaneous


Make getting dressed in the morning easy with our HDH Basics Dress. Its loose and flowy fit is both comfortable and flattering on any body type. At about knee length, we encourage you to bare your legs in the warmer months, and layer with pants or leggings in the colder months. This versatile all-season dress is the perfect staple for your closet. Like the other pieces from the HDH Basics line, this dress will always be in stock on our website and will be available in black and off-white, with other colors offered seasonally. Released on August 25th.



Makers Alongside

We’ve been looking forward to announcing our next Makers Alongside project: a great charcoal, waxed canvas backpack with tan vegetable leather straps made by Shelter Protects You. With smaller dimensions of 11.5” wide x 15” long, this cute backpack is sophisticated, yet fun, and perfect for traveling. Pack a lunch and a book for a day at the beach, or stuff your wallet and other necessities when running your every day errands. We just love it when practicality and beauty meet to create an awesome product like this. We will be releasing ten backpacks for $180 on August 20th.

Limited Edition

Fall is around the corner, which means more sweaters and comfortable layering pieces! The Anne Top is made of a light wool material, with sleeves that cut mid-arm. The deep brown color is perfect for the season, creating a warm and cozy look. The small V-slit along the collar is a small, but flattering detail that looks great on its own, but can also be accessorized with a fun necklace. We paired it with a Mineralogy necklace and faded MIA booties to keep it warm and down-to-earth.

imageThe Elsie Top, similar to the Anne Top, is perfect for the fall season, and its neutral tan color goes with anything! We paired it with a black trouser from Theory and had fun playing around with a couple pairs of shoes–more casual Ivanka Trump loafers and awesome heel wedges from the Gap.

imageThe Ryan Pant is the perfect pair of black lounge pants that everyone should have in their closet. Don’t be fooled by how comfy they are with their drawstring and light tencel material–unlike other lounge pants, you can totally wear these out! In fact, the high-waisted detail and tapered bottoms create the look of a lovely and sophisticated trouser. We created our ideal day-to-ourselves scenario below featuring the Ryan Pant, a Faribault Woolen Mill blanket, a couple good reads, and of course, snacks on the beautiful nesting spoons made by Fringe & Fettle, from our Makers Alongside series.


HDH Basics / / Kimono


imageWrap up in our HDH Basics Kimono, an easy-going garment that completes any outfit. Its light and airy look is beautiful on any woman. Choose to layer with your favorite top underneath (we like it with our Kala Tunic), or wear alone to show some skin…tied! 🙂 Like the other pieces from the HDH Basics line, this Kimono will always be in stock on our website and will be available in black and off-white, with other colors offered seasonally. Released on August 25th.



Makers Alongside: Kay Wang / / The Things We Keep

Makers Alongside

imageWe couldn’t be happier to introduce you to Kay Wang, the creator of the jewelry line, The Things We Keep, and also the artist behind our new Linus Cuff.

You would’ve never guessed by looking at her impressive work, but Kay only started making jewelry as a career four years ago after attending an extension course on silversmithing at a nearby community college. It was that class that encouraged her to follow a career path in that field. “I was starting to become incredibly disillusioned with the career path I’d been on up until that point, and whether I knew it at the time or not, I’d already started looking for something different that would mean more to me intrinsically as a profession than what I’d been doing. On the very first day of the course, things just clicked for me, and I haven’t since looked back." 

Although Kay began planning The Things We Keep in 2011, it didn’t become a legal entity until 2012. However, within the past two years, it has evolved, and continues to evolve, at a steady rate. 

imageAll of Kay’s jewelry has a consistent and distinct feel, all of which may come from her greatest inspirations. "As of lately, I’ve fallen down a Bauhaus rabbit hole! Textile patterns from Dagobert Peche and Gertrud Preiswerk, Max Bill’s sculptures, and Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures…and because a balanced meal is a healthy meal, a good dose of folk art is in the mix too.”

imageSimilarly, we are drawn to clean lines and silhouettes. When asked what her favorite HDH pieces are, Kay responded, “All of it! But if I had to pick favorites, I really love the Alabaster jumpsuit and the Hollyhock kimono. So bummed I didn’t snag either of those before they all went to their new homes!”

We absolutely love the result of our collaboration with The Thinks We Keep, and hope you do too! You can find their pieces online and at select stores across the United States and Canada. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Want even more updates? Check out their blog here


Photos by Paul Vincent.

Limited Edition

The Elsa Top, Idina Top, and Emma Dress are officially released, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Below, we paired the off-white, beautifully textured Elsa Top with a pair of dark washed jean from Madewell for a more casual look, and on the right, a pair of black trousers from Theory. We accessorized with a dainty necklace made by Isobell Designs, a lovely piece, but not to distract from the beautiful texture of the top. To complete the look, we paired the outfit with black Crown Vintage booties. We’re excited to break out the new fall shoes! 🙂 

The Idina Top is unique with its mix of grays and blacks, creating a one-of-a-kind texture. Its shorter length pairs well with high-waisted pants, such as the Theory trousers we paired it with below, that taper at the ankle. We accessorized with a versatile Tiro Tiro brass necklace and fun black Vince heels.

imageThe Emma Dress is made of 100% Cotton, making it a go-to, all-in-one outfit that can be dressed up or down. The faded white and black texture adds character to the piece and balances with the simple silhouette, making it the perfect versatile garment. We paired it below with a white and brass necklace from Parc Boutique and black Sven clogs.